Friday, February 13, 2009

Heart warmed, eyes wet.

"A mix tape.
He made a mix tape.
He was thinking of me,
Which shows he cares!
Sometimes when someone
Has a crush on you
They'll make you a mix tape
To give you a clue."

-Kate Monster, Avenue Q

Okay, so I'm really happy that Amir made made me a mix tape for Valentine's. That song from Avenue Q kept playing in my head, haha. The moment I unzipped the file, I cried a little when I saw the titles. It had "our song" in it plus songs that are just so uber sappy, I can't help to feel overwhelmed! I kept listening to it while I was trying to finish my work. So thank you, love. *hearts*


In other news, I finished one of the assignments that's in store for me this YAY to that. Ugh another four more to go.

Assignment checklist: (Updated 14/02/09)

Market & Social Research -
Assignment B - 8% - Due 13th Feb 2009
- Assignment C - 15% - Due 20th March 2009
Strategic Management -
Coursework 2 - 15% - Due 19th March 2009
Managing Media & Comm. -
Coursework 2 - 20% - Due 24th March 2009
Global Marketing Ethics & Culture - Coursework 1 -
40% - Due 19th March 2009

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  1. Ahhhh, that is so sweet! Aiyaaaa, my heart is melting, hahaha. :3