Saturday, December 13, 2008

In a state of dead

I'm very tired today, even-though I've been sleeping almost the whole day. Battling nose blocks and coughing fits while trying to do work drains energy faster than having your iPhone 3G functions fully utilised the whole day.

I was in the middle of eating lunch when I realised... I couldn't taste anything. Crap. :/

Tried to start work in Jon's room. Couldn't in my room cos I felt like going back to sleep. Lol got side-tracked and watched football instead. Barcelona vs Real Madrid. Woo hoo Barcelona won 2-0!!! Amazing, I'm actually watching football. Haha.

Work still not done but structure of answers is ready. Do I sense an all-nighter? Heck yeah!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gastronomy and Me

I dub thee, the month of November; Gluttony. Been eating way too much. From a wide range of food too. Some bought, some cooked and some were treats :D *nudgenudge*

Evidence #1

Dinner treat from Ying Lee in London. Great and affordable Japanese food.

Evidence #2
My PacMan (1/4 gone) birthday cake. At Lin's place. Courtesy of Lin, Karl and Stacy. <3

Evidence #3

Dinner treat from Jon @ Nando's

Evidence #4

Dinner in Jon's room: Tortillas with salsa, leftover pizza from lunch & ice cream.

Evidence #5

Today's dinner: Pan grilled salmon with garlic and herbs, butter herb potatoes and fresh garden salad. :D One dish is...more or less £2 per person. Oh and there was the Apple Pie with ice cream.

And yet, I'm not gaining any weight. Should I be worried?? This is me, now:

This is how losing 5kg and counting looks like X_x;

Monday, November 24, 2008

Emotional turmoil but much better, now.

I was listening to Jordin Spark's debut album (after having it for a few months but not bothered to listen to the lyrics), I found myself relating to her song; "Just For The Record".

Just For The Record - Jordin Sparks

I can't help myself
If I don't wanna be with nobody else
I don't wanna leave my baby's side
And I don't wanna kiss another guy
I'll pass any test
Cause nothing in this world or in the next
Could make me second guess
Could make me change my mind
Could make me not protect what I'm feeling inside

Cause I'm smart enough to know that this is a good thing
Please believe it, please believe it
And I'm smart enough to stay right where I belong
And I'm faithful enough to know that this is meant to be
And if it's not, the don't speak
Don't ruin it, let me dream

Hear me, hear me
This is for my baby
There will never be another
There's so many ways I love you
And that's just for the record, babe
I need you, need you
I can't wait to see you
I so love when were together
Can't nobody do it better
And that's just for the record, babe

I can't be perfect
No one is flawless
But rest in mind
I'll be there through the good and the bad and the ugly and worse
So if it's something that you're lacking
Go and tell me first

Cause I'm smart enough to know that this is a good thing, yeah
Smart enough to stay right where I belong, oh no no no
And I'm faithful enough to know that this is meant to be
And if it's not, the don't speak
Don't ruin it, let me dream


So if there's any way to cheat
Don't tell me 'cause I don't wanna know
And if there's any way to leave
Don't tell me 'cause I don't wanna go
I don't wanna go to sleep 'cause I don't wanna miss you
This is team and I love my position
Lead me anywhere, I'll go with yuo there
I'll go with you there

[Chorus] x2

Other than that, Reading Week passed by so fast I didn't even realised that it did. I was too caught up in finishing my 1000 word essay at the end of it. Note to self: Do not start writing the damn essay 2 days before dateline even if you've done all your research. Nevertheless it was a great learning experience. You'd be amazed at how books I borrowed from the library to do my research.

Classes started again. I have 2 more assignments to hand in before the Xmas hols. One is a individual 1000 word essay for Strategic Management and the other is a group 2500 report for Corporate Social Responsibility. I have to do well in StratMan though, considering that my dad is teaching that subject for an MBA course. Ah the pressure!

Don't ask why am I blogging here instead of my Livejournal. I think it's because nobody read my rants here except maybe for a few selected people who know about this blog. Well have a great day and cheers!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The opening of a new blog

Lasting Love

Would you tell me I'm gorgeous, even if I'm not,
Would you tell me I'm the One, the catch that you caught,
Would you laugh and smile with me, even when we're sad,
Would you whisper sweet nothings, when we're alone in bed.

I want to hear you say that you love me so,
I want to shut my eyes and let you kiss me slow,
I want you to hold me, even when it's nothing,
I want you to show me that our love is lasting.