Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A whirlwind of events

My schedule is somewhat packed now. I would hardly have time to come online starting the 11th! :/ I dread the amount of posts I'll have to go through when I get back. I wonder how many updates will I get from my Google Reader. Heh.

Plus, my phone number wouldn't be mine soon. It's being transferred to Winnie, since she's staying here. X_x My phone won't have free internet anymore. Drats! I'll be...relying on my pay as you go number from this week until I go back on the 27th. Ahhhh.... Menyusahkan, but it has to be done.

I have to be on standby in my room from 11am till 2 pm. Waiting for the DHL driver to pick up my boxes to send home. 3 boxes in total, 3 size variations, 20kg all together. By right, if I'm not sending these boxes back...I will need another HUGE luggage to fit them all. That would in total be...40kg worth of luggage. Zomg. My huge luggage is filled up to the brim as we speak. Waiting to fill in my small luggage..but I have to wait until after the tripping! (Lol)

Monday, June 1, 2009

*Angry face*

>( Someone took my not yet opened Ben & Jerry's ice cream from the freezer. And here I wanted to reward myself for "injuring" my right leg during gym earlier. Blasphemy.

Friday, May 29, 2009

It is love.

Oh, It Is Love
by Hellogoodbye

Oh, it is love
From the first time I set my eyes up on yours
Thinking oh, is it love?

Oh dear
It's been hardly a moment
And you are already missed
There is still a bit of your skin
That I've yet to have kissed
Oh say please do not go
But you know, oh, you know that I must
Oh say I love you so
But you know, oh, you know you can trust
We'll be holding hands once again
All our broken plans I will mend
I will hold you tight so you know
It is love from the first
Time I pressed my hand into yours
Thinking oh is it love?

Oh, dear, it's been hardly three days
And I'm longing to feel your embrace.
There are several days
Until I can see your sweet face.
Oh say, wouldn't you like to be older and married with me
Oh say, wouldn't it be nice to know right now that we'll be
Someday holding hands in the end
All our broken plans will have been
I will kiss you soft so you know
It is love from the first
Time I pressed my lips against yours
Thinking oh is it love?

Your heart may long for love that is more near
So when I'm gone these words will be here
To ease every fear
And dry up every tear
And make it very clear
I kiss you and I know
It is love from the first
Time I pressed my lips against yours
Thinking oh is it love?

Oh it is love from the first
Time I pressed my lips against yours
Thinking oh is it love?

I kiss you and I know
It is love from the first
Time I pressed my lips against yours
Thinking oh is it love?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh my god, even my house isn't safe anymore!!!

Email from dad about recent happenings back home:

Something shocking happened at Maghrib time. Papa went to masjid as I normally do on malam Jumaat and left the porch light on. When Kak long drove in, two men rushed through the open gate and smashed the left front window of Kak Long's Honda CRV, snatched her handbag on the seat, and drove off on a motorbike.

The valuables in her handbag include a diamond ring, bracelets, RM 4,000 cash (for the Australian trip on Sunday), handphone, blackberry (her office's), keys, and documents. When making a report at the Kelana Jaya Police Station, another lady came to make a similar report.
She brought along keys and some documents which the muggers threw in front of her house - and they belong to Kak Long.

On coming back just now, Along found Kak Long's IC on the driveway under the porch. We don't think the muggers (Malays/Indonesians) had time to pick out the IC during the getaway, most probably they came back and threw the IC in.

Too many snatch thefts happened in our area lately. Two women helpers at nearby Husna Kindergarten were waylaid last week near our house who had to give their handbags at knifepoint. An old neighbor was chased by 2 men on motorbike at SS3/88 in the afternoon when nobody was around who were after his wallet.

And last week too Nasir found a lady's handbag on the drain near our Belimbing tree. The bag was full of documents and even saving book belonging to a Chinese lady. I called the police and handed it to them. Last week too Prof Rohati, who lives near Bang Cik Izan's house was snatched of her handbag outside 7/11.

Ezati's father Dato Shamsudin told me last week that two men on motorcycle smashed the left window of her daughter's car as she was driving off from a bank and snatched the handbag away. I didn't ask Dato Sham which daughter but I think Ezati is still in UK.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Because I love you :P

Dear Elaine,

You've been with me since we're 14. We've gone through our ups and downs together and our friendship still remains strong. I miss you but I'm coming home soon. You're going to finish college soon too (so you got no excuse to not go out with me when I get back :P). You'll always be my bestfriend, even though we don't get to see each other very often.

Thank you for all the times that you picked up the phone when I call to cry. Thank you for attempting to save my life even when you couldn't swim. Thank you for staying my bestfriend until today.

Your bestfriend (I hope :P)

Monday, May 25, 2009

New shoes! :) My first pair of Converse. I have another one in RED! Taken at the picnic today in St Albans. Click on photo to see the album.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Photo by Woozy with his *quite* awesome 50mm lens :P

It was an awesome day out with very awesome friends too! Summer is coming if you can't tell by my attire :P It was quite warm yesterday.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Exams came and gone. I am relieved but why don't I feel excited? Oh wait, results are only coming out in a month. Fidgety and anxious. Hopefully I don't fail anything or have to retake any of the papers. If I do, I won't be able to go home until July.

Writing in shorter sentences. Head hurts. Spinning spinning spinning. Does that make sense? It's 10pm and I haven't had dinner yet. Crap crap crap.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

So it's true...

I'm always happier when I'm over at Lin's place. Enjoying tea time at this adorable cafe called Bake-A-Boo. It's so girly that I don't see any men dining in, haha! Lin says I'm dreaming of Amir in this picture, I say she's right. Well, more of going home in general. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Over at Lin's

Look! Monalisa! :P

Sleep over at Lin's! :D My pseudo mini holiday before my last paper next Tuesday (woo hoo!). After that, I'm free!!

Important dates:

19th May - GMEC paper [9:30am]. Lunch with Mr. Lee (IACT; ex-college's headmaster) [12:30pm]
21st May - The Font with Jenna (tbc)
26th May - The Phantom of the Opera [2:30pm]
30th May - Jenna! :P I follow you go Hong Kong okay?
10th June - Send back 2 boxes of stuff
11th June - Brighton
15th June - Liverpool / Manchester
17th June - Results comes out *crosses fingers*
18th June - Greece
26th June - HOME!! :D

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I updated way too much :/

Only because I'm bored. I'm suppose to be studying, but my mind keeps wandering off some place else. 3 more papers to go and I'm free!!

11th May - Strategic Management - 9:30am
12th May - Managing Media and Communications - 9:30am
19th May - Global Marketing Ethics and Culture - 9:30am

I swear, the admin probably has a grudge against Marketing students. Why are all my exams at 9:30!!!

P/s: My body clock will never fixed seeing as the sunsets at 8:30pm. Haha. Yup, that picture was taken at around 8-ish.
Caught in the Storm © James Thew

"Kesedihan dan kesakitan hati tidak boleh di ubati dengan kata-kata manis"

Friday, May 8, 2009

Taking my exam

..in my room. :P I'm resting my brains for a while. I'm doing my Market and Social Research exams now. It's not really an exam, you say? Well it is. The brief was given at 9am and we're suppose to submit at 5pm online. That's in 4 hours. GASP. *rushes*

Monday, May 4, 2009

Obligatory "I'm Alive" Post

I "tagged" myself from Caroline's blog.

8 Things I Look Forward To

Seeing Amir :)
End of final exams
Phantom of The Opera outing with Jenna after exams
Body clock adjusting, no more jet lag :/
New MAC cosmetics summer collections :P
Going to the beach in Brighton [10th June]
Going home permanently [27th June]
Eurotrip with Amir [22nd November onwards]

8 Things I Did Yesterday

Slept over at Jenna's room the day before
Went out and bought 2 dressed in Funk Rock
Hung out with Jenna
Rearranged my subject folders
Printed out missing notes
Grocery shopping
Cooked dinner

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

Go home now
Make my exams take themselves
Magically make my boyfriend appear here
Shop Topshop dry
Own every single MAC product
Start up my own business
Become a photographer
More wedding makeup

8 Things I Watch

CSI: NY [love love love!]
CSI: Miami
Veronica Mars [Can you see the pattern?]
Australia Next Top Model
America Next Top Model
YouTube subscriptions :P
Flight of the Conchords
and....I dunno :(

8 People I Tag


Friday, April 17, 2009

Hot hot heat

Lack of updates due to enjoying my time at home, obviously. Only thing I'll complain about (or ever will complain about) is the weather. It's so hot that my feet hurt, the skin is peeling. I need to go to spa soon before I got back.

Currently sitting here in Khairul's living room (aka place where Amir use to rent) feeling very hot. Everyone's asleep, sans Sab cos she went to Zouk. Khairul and Haniff has to wake up early tomorrow.

Haniff did accompanied me for an hour or so before he got his first yawn (Which is an achievement, mind you. Bloody isomniac ppl). I can't sleep cos I'm a friggin "foreigner" now, the heat is killing me. Haha.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quick post

  • Time is now GMT + 1 (Time difference between and Malaysia is now 7 hours)
  • One more assignment left: MSR!!!!!!!!!
  • Going home in 3 days woo hoo
  • Still haven't gotten proper sleep..yet. But I can do that on the flight yeah?
  • I'll be packing more books back rather than clothes unfortunately
  • Did I mention that I was going home??? :D

Because I like to scare ppl :P

Haha to I've entered a make-up competition by Petrilude.

Heaviest make-up I've worn in...forever. :/ Time for my inner drag queen to shine.Original contest post here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two down, two more to go.

I'm in the library again pulling an all-nighter. One assignment is due tomorrow and blood hell, writing 2,000 words has never been a pain in the ass before. Just updating so I can get some rest. Nothing exciting happened. The end. :P

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I need to tell my Dad that I love him

There are days where I go to sleep crying not because I miss Amir. I miss my parents. I miss my mom, even though we squabble a lot. I miss my dad the most because everyone knows I'm my daddy's girl.

Although...today's feeling is different. I'm shaken up with the thought of it. I'm crying because I'm scared and thankful at the same time. I'm glad that my dad is okay. I'm glad my dad wasn't there.

Tourists die in Yemen explosion - BBC

My dad was in Yemen a guest lecturer to teach a short course for the Management student in the local university. I am so thankful he was already back home when it happened, he got back on the 12th of March. 3 days before the explosion. I need to tell my Dad that I love him. I want to be home now.

My prayers and condolences goes to the family and friends of the victims.

انّا للہ و انّا الیہ راجعون

The most evil one has passed.

Last weekend @ St. Albans with Jenna
Spring is officially here. The weather's super awesome, I am undoubtedly enjoying the weather. I'm feeling loads better and recovering from that nasty (possibly viral) fever / throat infection I had since last week. It's a good thing I stocked up on meds before I came here, so HOORAH to that. Voice is still slightly raspy and coughing once in a while but definitely better.

Last week was full of meetings and assignment finishing as usual. I swear, I should have just packed and camped in the LRC (aka library) every night. Handed up the most confusing and difficult assignment out of the bunch. So BYE STRATMAN! SEE YOU IN MAY FOR EXAMS! One down. Three more to go:

Managing Media & Comm. - Coursework 2 - 20% - Due 24th March 2009 [90% progress]
Global Marketing Ethics & Culture - Coursework 1 - 40% - Due 26th March 2009 [10% progress]
Market & Social Research - Assignment C - 15% - Due 31st March 2009 [50% progress]

Can you tell I am so ready for hols?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Made me feel better

The past few days has been awesomely sunny and warm. I'm loving it. The only thing I don't love is that I am totally and utterly sick (hurts when I laugh, hurts when I sneeze kinda thing). And I'm inside because I'm finishing up my assignment (woot?)

Imagine how sick I was in December while doing assignment, 2 weeks before going back for Xmas hols...seeing a pattern here?? I think I'm allergic to meetings and assignments.


Karen from MakeUpandBeautyBlog made me feel so much better when I saw this post!

Click on the image and scroll down on the website to see! :D

p/s to self: CMON FIE! YOU CAN DO IT! Just a paragraph more!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Circa 2005

I miss you.
Doubt that you'll see this but I really do.

3 more weeks to go until I get to be with you again.

Assignment update just to remind myself

Apparently, our lecturers love us so much that two of our datelines got pushed back. :D Now it doesn't look so bad.. I wonder if I can ask Keith to push StratMan back too. Haha. A girl can dream.

Assignment checklist:

Strategic Management - Coursework 2 - 15% - Due 19th March 2009
Managing Media & Comm. - Coursework 2 - 20% - Due 24th March 2009
Global Marketing Ethics & Culture - Coursework 1 - 40% - Due 26th March 2009
Market & Social Research - Assignment C - 15% - Due 31st March 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pick me up and take me away from this emo-fest

"I Am"

I'm an angel, I'm a devil
I am sometimes in between
I'm as bad it can get
And good as it can be
Sometimes I'm a million colors
Sometimes I'm black and white
I am all extremes
Try figure me out you never can
There's so many things I am

I am special
I am beautiful
I am wonderful
And powerful
Sometimes I'm miserable
Sometimes I'm pitiful
But that's so typical of all the things I am

I'm someone filled with self-belief
And haunted by self-doubt
I've got all the answers
I've got nothing figured out
I like to be by myself
I hate to be alone
I'm up and I am down
But that's part of the thrill
Part of the plan
Part of all of the things I am


I'm a million contradictions
Sometimes I make no sense
Sometimes I'm perfect
Sometimes I'm a mess
Sometimes I'm not sure who I am


Of all the things I am
Sometimes I'm miserable
Sometimes I'm pitiful
But that's so typical of all the things I am
Of all the things I am

Friday, March 6, 2009

Post dedicated to Woozy

Because he thinks I need to grab my hands on more emo songs. :P Sorry lah little boy, I'm already quite well on my own. Haha.

This song makes me want to rush through March and go home so I could see Amir. :( Memang sangat rindu.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I should stop listening to emo songs

I really should. Especially when my assignments are due in 2 weeks. I'm currently in zombie mode; I even want brraaaaaiiiiiinnnns (of a smart person). I've been telling myself and chanting, 3 more weeks till I go home. I think I represent the population of BA Marketing students quite well by saying 'I can't wait for March to end!'.

I haven't been doing anything much. To Pinky & Denise, I went for the MAC Hello Kitty launch thing for the UK! :D It was so much fun and as usual, I bought stuff that I don't need. To everybody else, I have a wall of photos that I look at when I'm in one of my moods. It's theraputical, try it.

Snippets of things that I've done:

Hello Kitty man :D

Camwhoring with new contacts

My very lovely wall. Yes Elaine, that's you.

Charity movie screening for an assignment.

Now it's time to sleep. Another somewhat long day ahead. In the words of the wise Karl Randall, 'SIGH!'.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Throwing things in...

..and made something totally successful! For dinner we had Spaghetti & Meatballs as the main dish. We had bread with garlic butter and cheese inside topped with creamy mushroom I made from scratch! :D So proud of myself today.

Pictures from Jon's iPhone, because neither of us were very keen on going to get our cameras.

The sauce with that bread was so awesome. I wished it stayed warm because I made this first before making the Spag + Meatballs.

Sorry no picture of that bread. But I bought it from the supermarket. Garlic bread works fine too. :D

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Random is me. :D

Just wanted to post this video, Malaysians will probably remember this. Anyone up for a good laugh? Watch this!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Another day, another kitchen experiment

I cooked something different for dinner and it was goooooodd. Simply put, I just randomly threw in things inside. It's basically Spicy Roasted Chicken with Carrots (added Hot Peri-Peri Sauce for that kick) served with Butter Herb Rice .

That was several nights ago. I went shopping to Bicester Village today. Damage was £250 (inclusive of travel and food). I got myself stuff from...Agent Provocateur (Arnie, guess how much was a set for?) and a Luella bag.

In the middle of the walk way. Loooonnngg walk from one end to the other.

The two pictures after this is super...bright and over exposed. Sorry.

Luella Strappy Army Bag in Stone (off-white colour) *heart*

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I spent Valentine's Day...

Image courtesy of ABC News

...sulking in my room 3/4 of the day eating and watching CSI:Miami & CSI: NY, all in my lonesome. Then I had a double date with Kat and her boyfriend for dinner. My date for the night was Winnie and ironically, I look more like the 'guy' last night. Hmm.

Oh, the image above is so adorable. He's a 19-days old ox named Heart, from Japan! So appropriate and so in time for Valentine's Day. That little ox is super cute, I practically squee'd when I saw it on Geekologie.

Hope you guys had a wonderful V-day especially to those who are single! ;) Hope you guys had the MOST fun with you friends.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Heart warmed, eyes wet.

"A mix tape.
He made a mix tape.
He was thinking of me,
Which shows he cares!
Sometimes when someone
Has a crush on you
They'll make you a mix tape
To give you a clue."

-Kate Monster, Avenue Q

Okay, so I'm really happy that Amir made made me a mix tape for Valentine's. That song from Avenue Q kept playing in my head, haha. The moment I unzipped the file, I cried a little when I saw the titles. It had "our song" in it plus songs that are just so uber sappy, I can't help to feel overwhelmed! I kept listening to it while I was trying to finish my work. So thank you, love. *hearts*


In other news, I finished one of the assignments that's in store for me this semester...so YAY to that. Ugh another four more to go.

Assignment checklist: (Updated 14/02/09)

Market & Social Research -
Assignment B - 8% - Due 13th Feb 2009
- Assignment C - 15% - Due 20th March 2009
Strategic Management -
Coursework 2 - 15% - Due 19th March 2009
Managing Media & Comm. -
Coursework 2 - 20% - Due 24th March 2009
Global Marketing Ethics & Culture - Coursework 1 -
40% - Due 19th March 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

The snow is melting, everything is back to normal

Sort of. Melting snow is annoying because you get dirty slush when you're walking. Oh well, it's better than it snowing non stop and canceled classes. Not going to type a lot..just randomly arranged pictures.

L-R: Joan, Winnie, me and Kat
At Batchwood Club, St. Albans. Unskilled and drunk photographer, but I like this picture a lot. Weird.

My Snow Angel. Jon opted to make a Crime Scene Body Outline instead. He's 'too manly' for this. :P

First attempt at cooking 'Ayam Masak Kicap' (Trans: Soy Sauce Chicken) and got the seal of approval from Jon. Haha.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


The snow is making be discouraged to do work. Classes were suppose to start this week and...ALL my classes were canceled for the week. Uhuh. Not really shouting for joy because then we'll be behind and replacement classes *groans*

I woke up for nothing then. Cis. *goes back to sleep*

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cursing streak

I'm cursing left, right and center about how cold it is today. I'm cursing even more at the prospect of snow the next few days. I despise the cold (especially when I don't have the "Human Heater" with me).

I'm at Lin's place for the weekend. It always feels like home when I stay here, albeit I'm a freeloader. Haha. But I heart them so much. I'm rather thankful of the heater right now, my toes felt like they were going drop off. Le sigh, here's to the coldest month of winter...Congratulations February, you've just the month more miserable that it was originally was.

I was out and about shopping with Lin yesterday evening. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I just splurged on a pair of really cute shoes. I don't regret it at all because they're so....unique and somehow called out to me more than any shoe. £54 down the drain, but least my feet will look hot! I did buy a pair of boots for £60 before that, but I'm going to return that tomorrow. I'm turning into Linny; the Queen of Returns! Cute shoes > boots. Haha.

Tell me how can they not awesome??? (Don't answer that) :D

Oh and for Pinky, Denise and other eyeliner addicts like me...I bought the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eyeliner - Velvet Rope Travel Size set! These are what they look like:

So excited to use them. Will tell you how awesome or not they are after I do a few tests. :D Haha should I just turn this into a semi-beauty / semi-ranting blog afterall? We'll see.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year in London

Mr. Jon and I set out to London in the morning with a mission. Our mission was to finally eat Japanese food that we've been craving for. So off we went to Chinatown to this authentic as authentic can be in the UK Japanese restaurant called Tokyo Diner. It's very near to Leicester Square if any of you wanna head there! Needless to say, it was awesome! After lunch, we went around and about; Chinatown, Soho, Carnaby St (lol), Regent St (National Geographic store, so awesome!) etc. Pictures ahead!

Oh and, Chinatown was very lively today because of CNY. D: I forgot to buy eggtarts back!!

p/s: Linny, let's go have lunch there next weekend! :D


Tokyo Diner

Camden Town

Hyde Park

Saturday, January 24, 2009

IMATS London '09

I am so badass, that I spend more or less £150 within 5 hours. I just got back from Alexandra Palace (which is really gorgeous, btw) and wow, the weight of the stuff I brought back actually gave me a backache. Though, I think that might have something to do with last night's sleeping position, idk. On wards to some of the convention and haul pictures!

p/s: I might just convert this blog into a semi-make up related blog.

More event pictures here.

The haul:

The brushes on top are from Crown Brushes.
They're cheaper and are comparable to MAC brushes.

DermaColour Camoflouge Mini-Palette in Medium

MUFE HD Primer and Foundation

Ben Nye Lumiere Palette <3

My temporary MACPro card..35% off, baby!
p/s: I'm coming back April, you guys want anything?

For more detailed haul, click here.