Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh my god, even my house isn't safe anymore!!!

Email from dad about recent happenings back home:

Something shocking happened at Maghrib time. Papa went to masjid as I normally do on malam Jumaat and left the porch light on. When Kak long drove in, two men rushed through the open gate and smashed the left front window of Kak Long's Honda CRV, snatched her handbag on the seat, and drove off on a motorbike.

The valuables in her handbag include a diamond ring, bracelets, RM 4,000 cash (for the Australian trip on Sunday), handphone, blackberry (her office's), keys, and documents. When making a report at the Kelana Jaya Police Station, another lady came to make a similar report.
She brought along keys and some documents which the muggers threw in front of her house - and they belong to Kak Long.

On coming back just now, Along found Kak Long's IC on the driveway under the porch. We don't think the muggers (Malays/Indonesians) had time to pick out the IC during the getaway, most probably they came back and threw the IC in.

Too many snatch thefts happened in our area lately. Two women helpers at nearby Husna Kindergarten were waylaid last week near our house who had to give their handbags at knifepoint. An old neighbor was chased by 2 men on motorbike at SS3/88 in the afternoon when nobody was around who were after his wallet.

And last week too Nasir found a lady's handbag on the drain near our Belimbing tree. The bag was full of documents and even saving book belonging to a Chinese lady. I called the police and handed it to them. Last week too Prof Rohati, who lives near Bang Cik Izan's house was snatched of her handbag outside 7/11.

Ezati's father Dato Shamsudin told me last week that two men on motorcycle smashed the left window of her daughter's car as she was driving off from a bank and snatched the handbag away. I didn't ask Dato Sham which daughter but I think Ezati is still in UK.

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