Thursday, May 14, 2009

Over at Lin's

Look! Monalisa! :P

Sleep over at Lin's! :D My pseudo mini holiday before my last paper next Tuesday (woo hoo!). After that, I'm free!!

Important dates:

19th May - GMEC paper [9:30am]. Lunch with Mr. Lee (IACT; ex-college's headmaster) [12:30pm]
21st May - The Font with Jenna (tbc)
26th May - The Phantom of the Opera [2:30pm]
30th May - Jenna! :P I follow you go Hong Kong okay?
10th June - Send back 2 boxes of stuff
11th June - Brighton
15th June - Liverpool / Manchester
17th June - Results comes out *crosses fingers*
18th June - Greece
26th June - HOME!! :D

1 comment:

  1. HAHHAA.. Sakai lar you.. Wakekkeke.. Miss you so much.. In the mid's of preparing for my last final paper.. Long time din check my blog ady.. ^.^