Monday, May 4, 2009

Obligatory "I'm Alive" Post

I "tagged" myself from Caroline's blog.

8 Things I Look Forward To

Seeing Amir :)
End of final exams
Phantom of The Opera outing with Jenna after exams
Body clock adjusting, no more jet lag :/
New MAC cosmetics summer collections :P
Going to the beach in Brighton [10th June]
Going home permanently [27th June]
Eurotrip with Amir [22nd November onwards]

8 Things I Did Yesterday

Slept over at Jenna's room the day before
Went out and bought 2 dressed in Funk Rock
Hung out with Jenna
Rearranged my subject folders
Printed out missing notes
Grocery shopping
Cooked dinner

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

Go home now
Make my exams take themselves
Magically make my boyfriend appear here
Shop Topshop dry
Own every single MAC product
Start up my own business
Become a photographer
More wedding makeup

8 Things I Watch

CSI: NY [love love love!]
CSI: Miami
Veronica Mars [Can you see the pattern?]
Australia Next Top Model
America Next Top Model
YouTube subscriptions :P
Flight of the Conchords
and....I dunno :(

8 People I Tag


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