Friday, May 29, 2009

It is love.

Oh, It Is Love
by Hellogoodbye

Oh, it is love
From the first time I set my eyes up on yours
Thinking oh, is it love?

Oh dear
It's been hardly a moment
And you are already missed
There is still a bit of your skin
That I've yet to have kissed
Oh say please do not go
But you know, oh, you know that I must
Oh say I love you so
But you know, oh, you know you can trust
We'll be holding hands once again
All our broken plans I will mend
I will hold you tight so you know
It is love from the first
Time I pressed my hand into yours
Thinking oh is it love?

Oh, dear, it's been hardly three days
And I'm longing to feel your embrace.
There are several days
Until I can see your sweet face.
Oh say, wouldn't you like to be older and married with me
Oh say, wouldn't it be nice to know right now that we'll be
Someday holding hands in the end
All our broken plans will have been
I will kiss you soft so you know
It is love from the first
Time I pressed my lips against yours
Thinking oh is it love?

Your heart may long for love that is more near
So when I'm gone these words will be here
To ease every fear
And dry up every tear
And make it very clear
I kiss you and I know
It is love from the first
Time I pressed my lips against yours
Thinking oh is it love?

Oh it is love from the first
Time I pressed my lips against yours
Thinking oh is it love?

I kiss you and I know
It is love from the first
Time I pressed my lips against yours
Thinking oh is it love?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh my god, even my house isn't safe anymore!!!

Email from dad about recent happenings back home:

Something shocking happened at Maghrib time. Papa went to masjid as I normally do on malam Jumaat and left the porch light on. When Kak long drove in, two men rushed through the open gate and smashed the left front window of Kak Long's Honda CRV, snatched her handbag on the seat, and drove off on a motorbike.

The valuables in her handbag include a diamond ring, bracelets, RM 4,000 cash (for the Australian trip on Sunday), handphone, blackberry (her office's), keys, and documents. When making a report at the Kelana Jaya Police Station, another lady came to make a similar report.
She brought along keys and some documents which the muggers threw in front of her house - and they belong to Kak Long.

On coming back just now, Along found Kak Long's IC on the driveway under the porch. We don't think the muggers (Malays/Indonesians) had time to pick out the IC during the getaway, most probably they came back and threw the IC in.

Too many snatch thefts happened in our area lately. Two women helpers at nearby Husna Kindergarten were waylaid last week near our house who had to give their handbags at knifepoint. An old neighbor was chased by 2 men on motorbike at SS3/88 in the afternoon when nobody was around who were after his wallet.

And last week too Nasir found a lady's handbag on the drain near our Belimbing tree. The bag was full of documents and even saving book belonging to a Chinese lady. I called the police and handed it to them. Last week too Prof Rohati, who lives near Bang Cik Izan's house was snatched of her handbag outside 7/11.

Ezati's father Dato Shamsudin told me last week that two men on motorcycle smashed the left window of her daughter's car as she was driving off from a bank and snatched the handbag away. I didn't ask Dato Sham which daughter but I think Ezati is still in UK.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Because I love you :P

Dear Elaine,

You've been with me since we're 14. We've gone through our ups and downs together and our friendship still remains strong. I miss you but I'm coming home soon. You're going to finish college soon too (so you got no excuse to not go out with me when I get back :P). You'll always be my bestfriend, even though we don't get to see each other very often.

Thank you for all the times that you picked up the phone when I call to cry. Thank you for attempting to save my life even when you couldn't swim. Thank you for staying my bestfriend until today.

Your bestfriend (I hope :P)

Monday, May 25, 2009

New shoes! :) My first pair of Converse. I have another one in RED! Taken at the picnic today in St Albans. Click on photo to see the album.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Photo by Woozy with his *quite* awesome 50mm lens :P

It was an awesome day out with very awesome friends too! Summer is coming if you can't tell by my attire :P It was quite warm yesterday.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Exams came and gone. I am relieved but why don't I feel excited? Oh wait, results are only coming out in a month. Fidgety and anxious. Hopefully I don't fail anything or have to retake any of the papers. If I do, I won't be able to go home until July.

Writing in shorter sentences. Head hurts. Spinning spinning spinning. Does that make sense? It's 10pm and I haven't had dinner yet. Crap crap crap.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

So it's true...

I'm always happier when I'm over at Lin's place. Enjoying tea time at this adorable cafe called Bake-A-Boo. It's so girly that I don't see any men dining in, haha! Lin says I'm dreaming of Amir in this picture, I say she's right. Well, more of going home in general. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Over at Lin's

Look! Monalisa! :P

Sleep over at Lin's! :D My pseudo mini holiday before my last paper next Tuesday (woo hoo!). After that, I'm free!!

Important dates:

19th May - GMEC paper [9:30am]. Lunch with Mr. Lee (IACT; ex-college's headmaster) [12:30pm]
21st May - The Font with Jenna (tbc)
26th May - The Phantom of the Opera [2:30pm]
30th May - Jenna! :P I follow you go Hong Kong okay?
10th June - Send back 2 boxes of stuff
11th June - Brighton
15th June - Liverpool / Manchester
17th June - Results comes out *crosses fingers*
18th June - Greece
26th June - HOME!! :D

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I updated way too much :/

Only because I'm bored. I'm suppose to be studying, but my mind keeps wandering off some place else. 3 more papers to go and I'm free!!

11th May - Strategic Management - 9:30am
12th May - Managing Media and Communications - 9:30am
19th May - Global Marketing Ethics and Culture - 9:30am

I swear, the admin probably has a grudge against Marketing students. Why are all my exams at 9:30!!!

P/s: My body clock will never fixed seeing as the sunsets at 8:30pm. Haha. Yup, that picture was taken at around 8-ish.
Caught in the Storm © James Thew

"Kesedihan dan kesakitan hati tidak boleh di ubati dengan kata-kata manis"

Friday, May 8, 2009

Taking my exam my room. :P I'm resting my brains for a while. I'm doing my Market and Social Research exams now. It's not really an exam, you say? Well it is. The brief was given at 9am and we're suppose to submit at 5pm online. That's in 4 hours. GASP. *rushes*

Monday, May 4, 2009

Obligatory "I'm Alive" Post

I "tagged" myself from Caroline's blog.

8 Things I Look Forward To

Seeing Amir :)
End of final exams
Phantom of The Opera outing with Jenna after exams
Body clock adjusting, no more jet lag :/
New MAC cosmetics summer collections :P
Going to the beach in Brighton [10th June]
Going home permanently [27th June]
Eurotrip with Amir [22nd November onwards]

8 Things I Did Yesterday

Slept over at Jenna's room the day before
Went out and bought 2 dressed in Funk Rock
Hung out with Jenna
Rearranged my subject folders
Printed out missing notes
Grocery shopping
Cooked dinner

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

Go home now
Make my exams take themselves
Magically make my boyfriend appear here
Shop Topshop dry
Own every single MAC product
Start up my own business
Become a photographer
More wedding makeup

8 Things I Watch

CSI: NY [love love love!]
CSI: Miami
Veronica Mars [Can you see the pattern?]
Australia Next Top Model
America Next Top Model
YouTube subscriptions :P
Flight of the Conchords
and....I dunno :(

8 People I Tag