Thursday, March 5, 2009

I should stop listening to emo songs

I really should. Especially when my assignments are due in 2 weeks. I'm currently in zombie mode; I even want brraaaaaiiiiiinnnns (of a smart person). I've been telling myself and chanting, 3 more weeks till I go home. I think I represent the population of BA Marketing students quite well by saying 'I can't wait for March to end!'.

I haven't been doing anything much. To Pinky & Denise, I went for the MAC Hello Kitty launch thing for the UK! :D It was so much fun and as usual, I bought stuff that I don't need. To everybody else, I have a wall of photos that I look at when I'm in one of my moods. It's theraputical, try it.

Snippets of things that I've done:

Hello Kitty man :D

Camwhoring with new contacts

My very lovely wall. Yes Elaine, that's you.

Charity movie screening for an assignment.

Now it's time to sleep. Another somewhat long day ahead. In the words of the wise Karl Randall, 'SIGH!'.

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  1. you took picture with the scary mac kitty man! hahahhaa and i want mac.. here is so expensive :(