Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Made me feel better

The past few days has been awesomely sunny and warm. I'm loving it. The only thing I don't love is that I am totally and utterly sick (hurts when I laugh, hurts when I sneeze kinda thing). And I'm inside because I'm finishing up my assignment (woot?)

Imagine how sick I was in December while doing assignment, 2 weeks before going back for Xmas hols...seeing a pattern here?? I think I'm allergic to meetings and assignments.


Karen from MakeUpandBeautyBlog made me feel so much better when I saw this post!

Click on the image and scroll down on the website to see! :D

p/s to self: CMON FIE! YOU CAN DO IT! Just a paragraph more!


  1. you're so sweet :-) glad i found your blog!! Hope you feel better, my dear!

  2. Woot, you sure put Malaysia on the map, I'm proud of you :P

    Laura Mercier's TM looks nice on you..might try it if it's okay for sensitive skin. Was planning to switch to Aveda :3