Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A whirlwind of events

My schedule is somewhat packed now. I would hardly have time to come online starting the 11th! :/ I dread the amount of posts I'll have to go through when I get back. I wonder how many updates will I get from my Google Reader. Heh.

Plus, my phone number wouldn't be mine soon. It's being transferred to Winnie, since she's staying here. X_x My phone won't have free internet anymore. Drats! I'll be...relying on my pay as you go number from this week until I go back on the 27th. Ahhhh.... Menyusahkan, but it has to be done.

I have to be on standby in my room from 11am till 2 pm. Waiting for the DHL driver to pick up my boxes to send home. 3 boxes in total, 3 size variations, 20kg all together. By right, if I'm not sending these boxes back...I will need another HUGE luggage to fit them all. That would in total be...40kg worth of luggage. Zomg. My huge luggage is filled up to the brim as we speak. Waiting to fill in my small luggage..but I have to wait until after the tripping! (Lol)

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