Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gastronomy and Me

I dub thee, the month of November; Gluttony. Been eating way too much. From a wide range of food too. Some bought, some cooked and some were treats :D *nudgenudge*

Evidence #1

Dinner treat from Ying Lee in London. Great and affordable Japanese food.

Evidence #2
My PacMan (1/4 gone) birthday cake. At Lin's place. Courtesy of Lin, Karl and Stacy. <3

Evidence #3

Dinner treat from Jon @ Nando's

Evidence #4

Dinner in Jon's room: Tortillas with salsa, leftover pizza from lunch & ice cream.

Evidence #5

Today's dinner: Pan grilled salmon with garlic and herbs, butter herb potatoes and fresh garden salad. :D One dish is...more or less £2 per person. Oh and there was the Apple Pie with ice cream.

And yet, I'm not gaining any weight. Should I be worried?? This is me, now:

This is how losing 5kg and counting looks like X_x;

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  1. I need you to teach me how you're losing weight! I gained weight after you left... :(