Friday, January 23, 2009

I just felt like...

Updating the design of my blog. I'm half-way through my 2 week holiday. I should've just come back from home this week and skip the Monday test (which was only 7%). The boredom of staying in my room the whole day finally seeped in and therefore, viola!

I'm so excited about tomorrow. Going to IMAT London '09 and I plan to spend a decent amount of money there. Obviously, I'm going there for the MAC (priority!). But I'm looking forward to visiting the other booths as well, especially Crown Brushes.

Hmm..I'm trying to motivate myself to being able to go through the last few assignments that are waiting for me for the next 2 months. I will prevail! For the sake of going home in April.

Assignment checklist:

Market & Social Research - Assignment B - 8% - Due 13th Feb 2009
- Assignment C - 15% - Due 20th March 2009
Strategic Management - Coursework 2 - 15% - Due 19th March 2009
Managing Media & Comm. - Coursework 2 - 20% - Due 24th March 2009
Global Marketing Ethics & Culture - Coursework 1 - 40% - Due 19th March 2009

Meh, I just realised I need to bring back all my notes and textbooks with me this time around as my finals are in May, a few weeks after I reach the UK. Woot?

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